School Information

Special Instructions:
Please do not write the students name on the school supplies. Please send a change of clothes in a Ziplock® Bag with their name.

Quantity Items
 Glue 1 Bottle of Glue 
 Pencils 6 Pencils 
 Scissors 1 Scissors
 Crayons 2 Boxes of Crayon (24) 
 Kleenex 1 Box of Kleenex
 Hand Sanitizer 1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
 Spiral Notebook 1 Spiral Notebook
 Wipes 1 Container of Sanitizing Wipes
 Ziplock bags 1 gallon 1 Box of Zip Lock Bags (Gallon Size)
 Ziplock 1 Box of Zip Lock Bags (Sandwich Size or Snack Size)
 Badpacks 1 Large Backpack